Architectural Designer FAQs Part 2

We know everyone has questions, especially when embarking on a custom home or renovation project with an architectural designer. Every Friday in March we’ll be addressing a few of the most common questions clients pose to Jim Bell. This week we discuss the topic “Renovations”.




Is renovating a good option?


You enjoy numerous things about your home. You like the location, neighbourhood, schools or amenities but there are things you don’t like, such as the out-of-date kitchen, worn-out bathroom, and spaces that just don’t work for you anymore. Renovating may be a good option for you to consider as an alternative to selling your home and moving your family. Renewing and improving your home by renovating or building an addition may be an excellent fit for your needs.


Renovating can meet many challenges, especially when you engage an experienced architectural designer like Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build. Your best investment when renovating is to begin with a comprehensive design brief and technical drawings to fully-articulate the project details. This investment will go a long way towards making the permit approvals and construction more efficient, will produce a significantly more accurate budget, and give you peace of mind throughout the process.


Thinking of renovating your home? Want to explore the options? At Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build we offer a Site Visit. It is complimentary and without obligation so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from Jim Bell’s 30+ years of design and build experience. Contact us today to discuss your vision for your home renovation.


Will Jim take on a smaller project such as a renovation or addition?


Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build is accustomed to working with clients on a range of projects of varying sizes, from a new custom home to a smaller renovation or addition to your existing home. We serve clients from our offices in Ottawa and Pembroke, or anywhere in between throughout the Ottawa Valley. Whether you are considering a small renovation or an addition to your home, the design collaboration, permit approvals and construction management are just as important to the process as when you are building a new custom home from the ground up. Jim and his team are happy to take on architectural design challenges of any size.


A Consultation is complimentary and without obligation. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from Jim’s 30+ years of experience. Contact Jim today.


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