Architectural Designer FAQs Part 3

We know everyone has questions, especially when embarking on a custom home or renovation project with an architectural designer. Every Friday in March we’ll be addressing a few of the most common questions clients pose to Jim Bell. This week we discuss the topic “Affordability and Finances”


How Much Does it Cost to Work with an Architectural Designer?


Every project is unique. At Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build we offer a complimentary Site Visit or consultation to understand your project. Then we prepare a written proposal which provides clarity and understanding about our process, services, costs and the benefits for you. So you are under no obligation until you accept this detailed proposal. No surprises!


Clients have two pricing options: a comprehensive package or billing on an hourly basis.



The comprehensive package details all services and fees in full. This plan is outlined after the initial meeting based on each unique project. Clients who pursue our full range of services from design through to management of the build typically opt for the comprehensive package.



Alternatively, architectural designer services can be billed at an hourly rate. Typically clients choose this option during the first phase of the preliminary design process if they are still determining if a custom home or renovation is an appropriate option for them. When the client is ready to proceed, a fixed fee proposal is presented to ensure peace of mind and predictability for the client. Should a client decide to delay the project or otherwise terminate the agreement, they are only obligated to pay for work completed or underway to that point.


Every project is different and just as we design a unique custom home or renovation for each client, we also work to prepare the best proposal for each client’s needs, budget and timeframe.


How much will my new home or renovation cost?


Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build collaborates with you during the initial stage of the design process to establish your overall budget. We want to ensure your budget and wish list are aligned. Our final collaborative design must meet your needs and desires, as well as stay within your budget parameters.


Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build reaches out to suppliers, trades and builders for construction quotes, giving you a strong understanding of the overall cost of your project throughout the design process. 


We are happy to discuss your project in more detail and address any questions you have about the process, timeline, costs and fees of working with an architectural designer.


How can I be assured that my new custom home design or renovation will be affordable for me?


Jim Bell Architectural Design & Build has successfully completed over 500 building projects and Jim has over 30 years of experience. Accurate estimates for construction are dependent upon many factors. Once the full scope and details of your project are established and tenders are received, the budget can be articulated and refined as needed. We will work with you to revise the design or scope of work if necessary. We always ask you to approve additional costs in advance. Ultimately, you decide how much you spend on your project.


Regular cost estimate reports are provided with as much advice and information as we can about the anticipated costs. Each Cost Report gives you our up-to-date estimate of project costs, the amount you have spent to date, and how much we estimate you need to budget to complete the project. Our online Client Services Portal provides you with access to ALL documents and information related to your project: communication, schedule, budget, selections, documents and service… so you are in control every step of the way but we do all of the hard work for you. 


If you are designing and building with us, a great option available to you is Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). It integrates a collaborative team of design and construction professionals into the process of designing and building your new custom home from the beginning of the design phase to ensure seamless continuity from design through to move-in day. The objective is to save you time and money. Managing your build with IPD ensures the best possible proactive management of the budget.


If you would like to discuss your unique project and receive initial cost estimates for design and build cost, Jim would welcome the opportunity to provide a complimentary Site Visit or Consultation. Contact Jim today!


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